2021, March 08

PROTILIS establishes partnership with CARL HOERNECKE GmbH

PROTILIS partners with CARL HOERNECKE GmbH, a German producer of non-lethal devices and sprays with irritating agents.

HOERNECKE has over 120 years of experience and is one of the leading international suppliers of irritant spray devices for self-defense and law enforcement applications. With a recognized high technical component, this manufacturer is committed to the development and manufacture of high quality products, such as its range of pepper spray - TW 1000 - which has established itself as a standard in the field, with references in more than 26 countries and territories , many of them members of NATO.

PROTILIS' permanent well-doing and immanent solidity in the Portuguese market prove to be decisive, attracting the interest of world-leading companies in their areas, who come to us with the objective of entering or strengthening their commercial presence in our country.

NOTE: HOERNECKE articles are only available to institutional customers.

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