2021, May 19

PROTILIS supports NATO Tiger Meet 2021, organized by FAP

Living daily with the military reality, PROTILIS understands the importance of Operational Exercises in the preparation, training and qualification of national forces. As such, we are proud to collaborate and support Exercises in different areas, with equipment, personnel, marketing, among others.

For Tiger Meet 21, which takes place in Beja during the month of May, PROTILIS provided several equipment for dissemination and operational use, namely:

  • Air transportable container for secure storage of material;
  • TMS36 tent for medical triage area;
  • SM module, field hospital bed, field bed and transport stretcher to support the Medical Post;
  • Material to combat COVID (hand washing station, alcohol gel dispenser) to support the Messe;
  • FireStop 200/30, for fire fighting;

All material provided on loan is available for use by FAP, and PROTILIS contributes to elevating Portugal's performance and image in this important military event.



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