2021, September 24

Protilis supports the Navy at the REP (MUS) 21 event



Between the 13th and 27th of September, PROTILIS is supporting the Navy in carrying out the REP (MUS) 21 event, with some of its equipment installed at the PAN Tróia, in Setúbal.

This mobile infrastructure consists of a UTILIS TMS36 tent that works as an advanced medical post (PMA), and given the particular circumstances of the moment we are experiencing, with the risk of the pandemic still looming over this type of event, a UTILIS module was also added. SM5 to create an isolation room, responding to the redoubled concern and care that the Navy has placed on preventing contagion with COVID19.

The entire space is properly air-conditioned, with a ZHENDRE HR10 air conditioner, and equipped with the means to respond to different requests. Examples of this are our field hospital bed and our stretcher with a car for transporting the wounded.

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