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Protilis Portugal is part of the Utilis international Group, manufacturers of tents, modular structures, field hospitals, camp sites, command posts, decontamination systems and CBRN protection. Our tents and turnkey solutions, both for military and civilian applications, are deployed throughout the world, in the harshest of conditions.

Nowadays, Protilis Portugal is synonym with technical advancement, quality, experience, knowledge and capacity to offer global proposals to those responsible – considering high levels of demand, operational limitations and users' expectations – based in our ability to answer promptly and appropriately to the client’s specific goals.




Protilis Portugal is duly certified for the trade of military equipment.

Formação e Manutenção

Training and maintenance

When Protilis sells an equipment, it also provides the appropriate training and maintenance.


Fabrico e Comercialização

Manufacture and Trading

Protilis sells all types of Defence, Security and Civil Protection equipment. We are now starting to manufacture our own equipment.


Concepção de Produtos

Product Design

With a renewed Technical department, Protilis takes the leap to new product design.



Stay tuned for updates!

The Utilis Group, to which Protilis Portugal belongs, has just launched yet another product designed to help combat COVID-19.

It is a 36m2 tent, built in canvas with biocidal characteristics, and placed under negative pressure. This structure is designed to receive infected patients, facilitating the control of contagions.

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Protilis announces partnership with Cristanini SpA

Protilis announces a new partnership with Cristanini to represent its products in the Portuguese market.

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Supply of Non-Intrusive Inspection Scanner to Portuguese Tax and Customs Authority

Protilis finished the process of delivery and operation training of two Non-Intrusive Inspection Scanner vehicles to Portuguese Tax and Customs Authority, manufactured by our partner Nuctech.

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Protilis Portugal Lda provided training on contaminated transport stretchers provided to the Regional Civil Protection Service of Madeira.

This training was attended by the end users of the equipment and was intended to show the multiple valences of the same.

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Protilis announces partnership with Alsetex

Protilis is proud to announce that it has established an exclusive partnership with Alsetex.

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