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Radiation Monitoring Portico arrives in the Azores

Protilis stands out in the supply and maintenance of Radiation Monitoring Gantry for entities that need an effective control of entrances.

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PROTILIS supports NATO Tiger Meet 2021, organized by FAP

PROTILIS has a long tradition of supporting Operational Exercises. When we were asked to support NATO Tiger Meet, our answer could only be “YES!”.

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Protilis supports the Navy at the REP (MUS) 21 event

PROTILIS is supporting the Navy in carrying out the REP (MUS) 21 event, with some of its equipment installed at the Tróia PAN, in Setúbal.

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Mobile Command Posts equip the Madeira Island SRPC

PROTILIS asserts itself in the area of ​​Civil Protection, with useful and innovative products, such as the Mobile Command Posts provided to the SRPC in Madeira.

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Isolation chamber for COVID-19 patients, portable, easy to use, negative pressure and filtration system. Ideal to isolate avoiding contagion.

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PROTILIS is once again present at SEGUREX’21.

For PROTILIS, fairs are a privileged place of contact with our customers and SEGUREX, the only fair in the sector in Portugal, is no exception.

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