Company Presentation




PROTILIS is a company belonging to the UTILIS International Group, manufacturer of tents, modular structures, field hospitals, decontamination systems and CBRN protection for all applications and in use in all 5 continents.

PROTILIS, created in December 2011 and duly certified by the competent authorities to manufacture and trade military technologies and goods, is the Technical Centre for the entire Group and responsible for the procurement of new solutions and services, both for Portugal and the rest of the World.



PROTILIS, as part of the Utilis Group assures the client full support for new, innovative and customized solutions, building partnerships based on mutual cooperation. We strive to answer every challenge, both nationally and internationally.



Nowadays, PROTILIS is synonym with technical advancement, quality, experience, knowledge and capacity to offer global proposals to those responsible – considering high levels of demand, operational limitations and users' expectations – based in our ability to answer promptly and appropriately to the clients specific goals. 

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