2023, January 20


decocube.jpgCBRN continues to be a focal point around the world. In Europe and, with the current geopolitical instability, this focus is even more present.

It is with this reality as a background that, from 21 to 23 March 2023, the CBRNe Summit Europe will take place, in Lisbon.

The event will consist of two days of presentations and networking in the exhibition hall and a third day of demonstrations and live exercises at the Regimento de Sapadores Bombeiros de Lisboa facilities.

The two-day conference will discuss how new NRBQ threats are being addressed and the importance of sharing information and experiences to tackle potential threats. Representatives from civilian and military agencies from all over Europe and North America will be present.

Being at the forefront in the CBRN area, PROTILIS could not miss this internationally relevant event.

During the third day, PROTILIS will demonstrate DECONCUBE, an innovative personnel decontamination system in a 10" container.

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