Started in 2011, PROTILIS, a duly certified company for the manufacture and trade of military technologies and goods, has grown and has positioned itself in a solid and sustainable way in both the Portuguese and international markets.

We are a dynamic company, whose mission and guidance is to provide an excellent client service, based on the quality of our processes and products, to achieve full satisfaction of those who come to us.

On the current context, we want to be a solid and credible reference in our market, both to our clients and our business partners, so we quality is, for us, the future. With this in mind, the company implemented a Quality Management System, according to NP EN ISO 9001:2015, keeping up with the standards of the UTILIS Group.

Our team works in a serious, competent and responsible manner to constantly optimize processes and develop new products of added value, and it is our core belief that continuously striving to achieve perfection is the key to success.  As a company, we are committed to meet the continuous improvement standards of our Quality Management System, to better serve our clients and all parties involved in the sales process, in the most appropriate and responsible manner possible.

Thus , the Top Management of Protilis Portugal, Lda undertakes to:

  • Gain the trust and loyalty of customers, always trying to exceed their expectations;
  • Select trusted partners;
  • Transmit to all customers and partners the confidence that we are an organisation capable of meeting their requirements;
  • Raise awareness, train and motivate all employees to identify opportunities for improvement for the whole organisation;
  • Prevent pollution of the environment generated by our activity;
  • Maintain and increase the satisfaction of all stakeholders; in particular, customers, employees, suppliers and society in general;
  • Promoting the rational use of energy internally and externally;
  • Monitor the professional development of employees, ensuring the adequacy of their skills to the functions they perform;
  • Ensure hygiene, safety and health conditions for all employees during the performance of their duties.

January 2024.

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